Our History

Greystone Concrete history begins shortly after the end of WWII in 1945. A renewed sense of optimism was sweeping the country and a national building boom wasn’t far behind.

Greystone Concrete History

Three area individuals saw the need in the Henderson/Oxford area for quality building materials and plans to open a ready mix concrete plant and block manufacturing facility were beginning to take shape. A spot of land was purchased in close proximity to the “Greystone Quarry” and operations soon began at the present day location. The owners and founders of Greystone Concrete Products, John F. Cannady II, Victor Hedrick, and A.D. Capehart incorporated the business March 25, 1947.

The Company began small and grew with the area in the early days. All concrete mixes and block plant mixes were batched from one location. This was accomplished by alternating between block and concrete as was needed. On a busy day, the block manufacturing division was shut down in order to keep up a continuous concrete pour. As the area grew, Greystone began to expand and installed a plant in Norlina. This plant was used during the late 1950’s on the new interstate 85 for all concrete work north to the Virginia line. During the early 1960’s the plant was moved from the Norlina location to Oxford NC. The plant was located just south of town adjacent to the Elmwood cemetery and the local railway system. The plant proved beneficial to the area and was made a fixture until the mid 1970’s as work and building in the area began to slow.

Company Founders - Greystone Concrete History
Family Fallout Shelter

Greystone also maintained a construction crew that built houses from the foundation to the roof. Wood, Doors, windows, and all materials needed to build a house were sold thru the company. Another unique product manufactured was the Family Fall Out Shelter. Due to ever increasing threats of nuclear fall out and unsettled relations with other countries in the 1950’s, many families enjoyed the security and safety that the shelter provided.

Many upgrades have been done since the early days of the company. Modern upgrades to all areas have been completed in order to keep up with demand and ever increasing growth in the area. Since 1945, Greystone Concrete has been providing quality building materials to all areas of Central NC and Southern VA. From building houses to furnishing products for houses and large scale jobs, Greystone Concrete has been a solid fixture to the area.