About Us

From the home builder, to state DOT projects, to large scale commercial projects, Greystone Concrete provides the best product available with superior service.


Greystone Concrete Products, Inc. is a privately owned and operated corporation providing ready mix concrete, concrete/lightweight masonry units, pre-cast concrete products and building supply materials. We have been servicing Vance, Granville, Warren, Franklin, and Northern Wake County North Carolina with quality concrete products since 1945. We also service many areas of Southern Virginia and Eastern North Carolina with our masonry products. Our customers and services include contractors ranging from the general building contractor to NCDOT bridge and road work to large scale multi million dollar projects.


At Greystone Concrete, strength and consistency are never compromised. We realized over 70 years ago that in order to produce a highly consistent concrete mix, careful internal monitoring and testing are essential. We have 2 fully accredited ACI certified concrete technicians as well as 2 NCDOT concrete inspectors at our operation. They are both vital to insuring overall concrete consistency and proper performance. At all commercial job sites, at least one technician is on hand to carefully monitor the concrete’s slump, air content, and overall concrete performance.

Each of our mix designs is over designed by 1200 P.S.I. in order to give added assurance and extra strength for all jobs. For this reason, our 3000 lb P.S.I. will yield results over 4000 lb. P.S.I. after 28 days. Internal testing is carried out throughout the year to maximize performance at all commercial and DOT jobsites.


Servicing Vance, Granville, Warren, Franklin, and Northern Wake County North Carolina with quality concrete products since 1945 has allowed us to build relationships with everyone from local homebuilders to large corporations and state agencies.

Greystone Concrete is a long time member of the Carolinas Ready Mix Concrete Association and the Southeast Concrete Masonry Association. Greystone Concrete Products is owned and operated by the Cannady family.