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Ready Mix 435
    At Greystone Concrete, we want to provide a little technical information about our products and services. We feel this is most valuable to all customers and project managers when choosing Greystone Concrete to supply their concrete needs. We would like to explain the measures we take toward 100% consistency including testing and what exactly is in our ready mix concrete.  
At Greystone Concrete, strength and consistency are never compromised. We realized over 60 years ago that in order to produce a highly consistent concrete mix, careful internal monitoring and testing are essential. We have 2 fully accredited ACI certified concrete technicians as well as 2 NCDOT concrete inspectors at our operation. They are both vital to insuring overall concrete consistency and proper performance. At all commercial job sites, at least one technician is on hand to carefully monitor the concrete’s slump, air content, and overall concrete performance.  
Quality Control
Each of our mix designs is over designed by 1200 P.S.I. in order to give added assurance and extra strength for all jobs. For this reason, our 3000 lb P.S.I. will yield results over 4000 lb. P.S.I. after 28 days. Internal testing is carried out throughout the year to maximize performance at all commercial and DOT jobsites.
    Concrete is made up of many different raw materials that are trucked and railed in from all over. All of our aggregates are trucked in from the “Greystone Quarry” owned and operated by Vulcan Materials. The quarry is located 2 miles from us and is one of the largest and deepest on the east coast having been in operation since the 1830’s. All screenings come from this location also. Our high grade yellow concrete sand is trucked in from Glover Materials Rogers Sand Pit located near Roanoke Rapids. Concrete comprised of a blend of yellow concrete sand and screenings provides the highest quality finishing results attainable. All Portland cement used in our ready mix operation is either supplied thru the CSX railway system to our localized rail terminal or trucked in from different areas. Bulk Portland cement is supplied by Essroc, Lafarge, Lehigh, Holcim, and Titan America, All Portland cement is rated as low Alkali which is approved for all of our DOT bridge and road work and all state and federal projects. W.R. Grace supplies all of our admixture needs. Whether it be accelerators during the coldest months of the year, retarders during the summer, water reducers, air entrainment, or Superplasticizers, W.R. Grace is a long time leader in the concrete admixture market. Boral Materials Technologies supplies any Fly Ash needs for which our mix designs may call.  
    Technical Data on the materials that make up our ready mix concrete are located on this page for quick viewing. These pages show test results and product data for each material.  

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